Friday, January 21, 2011

Justin Bieber in US Magazine

 A couple weeks ago the US magazine came out. I was at target and once I spotted it I made sure to grabbed it. It was the last copy too!! When I got home and flipped to the first page I was freakin out. Every single page in this magazine are pix of Justin. There's even one with his shirt off!!!(SO HOT!) If you thought that was the best part wait til you hear this. The magazine also comes with.......6 HOT POSTERS OF JUSTIN!!! take a look---->


I have all of these posters hanging up in my room. Sorry for the glares. I tried my best using my camera without getting the glare on his face. What do you think of these posters? Are they hot or what?!! If you are a true belieber this magazine is right for you. The other magazine you should get is the Vanity Fair magazine there are even hotter pix in that magazine. I dont have it yet but the next time I see it I'm deffinately getting it. Then when I get it I'll post it up for you to see.

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