Tuesday, March 1, 2011


OMG!! I can't believe that Justin is finally 17. It's crazy how fast life is and that's why you have to live it to the fullest and that's what Justin in doing right now. I love you Justin and happy birthday. I hope you have and great day with your family and friends. <3333


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Wekend Ever Part Two!!!

You all know that Justin Bieber rereleased his movie Never Say Never The Directors Fan Cut. It had 40 more minutes of Bieber footage. It was only out for THIS WEEKEND!!! Of course I had to go so my cousin and her dad brought us to the movie this weekend. I was so excited because this would be my SECOND TIME seeing this movie and he had got us PURPLE 3D glasses!!!
We went to the providence place movie theatre. We got there around ten ad the theatre didn't open until 11. We wanted to go there first so we could get the tickets just in case they were sold out. So whille we were waiting for the theatre to open we walked around and looked at different stores. when it was 11 we went back up and right as we got up they just started to open. so we go inside and we order our tickets for a 12 o' clock show. We were in theatre 9.

We had a half hour before we were going to go up to the move because we wanted to get there early to get good seats. So, in the meantime we went to Subway to have lunch. A half hour past and we went back up to the theatre, got out popcorn, snacks , and drinks and went to the movie. I have to say it, and I'm not going to lie, but this movie was 10Xs better than the first one. I loved the first one but this one had the whole package and I mean it too. It just had more of his life with his friends and family and stuff that really made me feel closer to him. Oh and i almost forgot, my cousin's dad already preordered the DVD for me and my cousin!!!! (Thanks David). I'd also just like to say "Thank you sooooo much Justin Bieber and the Scooter Brawn team for making this incredible movie and letting me into Justin's world." <333 

My Sweet 16!!!

So, Saturday February 19,  I had a big sweet 16 party with all my family and friends. and right before we did cake there was a surprise for me. My mom kicked me and my friends into the bathroom so they could prepare and so I could put on my "non-see-through" mardi gras glasses. My friends led me out of the bathroom, into the party room, and into a chair. I'm waiting.....waiting.....wating.... then I took off my glasses and there he was. The greatest, most hottest singer in the world.........
LOL!!! Yes Justin Bieber came to my party, well..... I wish he really did its a cardbord cutout, but this was really awesome. I know you're wondering what's on his elbows. My mom had this really cool idea. She cut out holes and put two speakers, one on each elbow, and in the back was attatched an MP3 Player. It was soo cool it was like he was singing to me. (He sang me happy birthday!!) My aunt downloaded all of his songs for me. (LOL!!! Thats my mom's arm on the left)
This is the back of the cutout where the MP3 Player is hooked up to the speakers. On the left and right are the speakers and in the middle is a cell phone holder which is holding the MP3 Player, and it clips to the board. Bieber was also on my cake!!!
(The sign he was holding said"Happy Birthday"and it was autographed by Justin)
 THERE'S MORE!!!----> These are the Bieber gifts I got:

 A THROW BLANKET!!! ( to go on my bed)
 2 BIEBER BEARS!!![I<3JB(on the left)&1LessLonelyGirl(on the right) 
A BIEBER DOLL(sings "Baby" and came with chair and little picture book), A BABY BLUE "JUSTIN BIEBER" BRACELET, & A JUSTIN BIEBER WATCH!!!

And at the end of the party....I GOT A PICTURE WITH HIM!!!