Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Behind The Scenes:"Mistletoe"

I was on Justin Bieber's twitter, where else lol, and he revealed the behind the scenes footage of the music video for his new Christmas single, "Mistletoe". I watched it and it is such a cute video. I love it. I heard some of the words and I know "Mistletoe" is going to be my #1 Christmas song of the year. You're probably tired of hearing me go on and on and just want to watch the video so here it is:

If you're wondering when the official video is coming out. It is going to be released on October 18th and the song will be available to purchase on iTunes on October 17th. So go out and buy it when it comes out and don't forget to check out the video. I will be sure to put the video on here the day it comes out so come and check it out. You won't want to miss it. TRUST ME.

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